The Bombshells Ball – February 2017

An idea for a tap dance striptease solo had been rattling around in my mind since my very first beginner burlesque class with Jacqueline Furey.  I had been telling myself to wait, to get a few more classes under my sparkly belt, but in the end, I gave in to the internal nagging and enrolled in Lila Luxx’s Headliner Act Development Course.

If you’ve read my bio, you’ll know that my mother was a ballerina.  When I got a burlesque name, she decided that she also needed one, to protect her identity from potential scandal and named herself Bella Marshmella.  When I was a child, Bella Marshmella danced in an adult tap class and the first performance I can recall seeing her in was an item to Chattanooga Choo Choo.  To 5 year-old Ruby, this was the absolute height of vintage sophistication, so I just had to satirise it in my debut.

In my muggle life, I work in the railway industry, so a railway themed act, seemed an excellent transition from my day walker life to Ruby Corvette: the syncopated sweetie pie!

I intend to write a blog explaining the costume creation process so I might leave any further act development explanation for later.  Let’s just see some photos of the night!

Some photos by David Gatt:


And some from Raw Bones:


And you can see a snippet of the act in this compilation with the other soloists from the night:

If you’d like to see footage of the whole act, send me a message on my Contact page!

Developing a solo with Bombshells was such a great experience and I am so grateful for all the support I received, especially from my burly godmother, Lenore Noire who gave me a multitude of pep talks, and my parents who sent me roses wishing me “chookas”!


And true to form, because I have massive fear of missing out, I also danced in Cello Bordello’s Tap n Tease number that night which was a tribute to Debbie Reynolds:


And to finish off my reminiscing, the very first poster featuring my stage name!  (Photography and poster design by KTB)



Featured image photography by David Gatt

Miss Show N Shine Pinup Pageant 2016


During one of my very regular visits to Lincraft, I was bewitched by this fabric:


I HAD to have it!  And I justified it’s purchase by making it more selfless and promising to make a skirt for my little Frozen-loving 6yo cousin (we are besties because we share so many mutual interests – Disney movies, stuffed animals, reading Madeline before bed, eating pasta…)

But the scope for this project increased when Vivien Victory drew my attention to the Miss Show n Shine Pageant, the theme of which was “A Pinup Does Christmas”!


After a little bit of scribbling in my notebook and a few hours at my sewing machine, I had myself my very own, light-up Frozen princess dress!

Light-up pin-up dress modelled by my Stephan Ikea chair

Before the big day, I had a little practice posing in the dress at the Bombshells Pinup Perfection workshop, being made to feel like a superstar by KTB.


At the last minute, I decided that I needed a parasol, so I covered a paper one with some leftover dance satin and cut out a giant snowflake from blue chiffon, to great effect!


And finally, Christmas morning arrived, well the morning of Miss Show N Shine anyway!

Here I am, strutting my stuff at my very first pinup parade, with voiceover by the super-sweet organiser Diamond Dubbellyou!


And here are some more photos of the day!


I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and lovelier co-competitors for my first public appearance as Ruby!  I can’t wait til next year!



Featured image photography by KTB

Bombshells Balls 2016


In 2016, I began my burlesque journey with The Bombshells Burlesque Academy studying Classic and Neo Burlesque, Bump Grind n Shimmy, and Tap n Tease.  At the end of each term, students take great pride in performing in The Bombshells Ball, showcasing the new skills they have learnt.  These performances were some of the high points of my dancing journey, so although they were not individual performances, I have included photos and links to the routines here to share with you.

Work It

Beginner Burlesque with Lenore Noire


The Entertainer

Tap n Tease with Cello Bordello


Take My Love

Classic Glamour with Jacqueline Furey

Ain’t She Sweet

Tap n Tease with Cello Bordello

Bad Girls – A Betty Rowland Tribute

Bump Grind n Shimmy with Betty Lovecat

Twirling Tassels

Tassel Twirling with Lenore Noire


Tap n Tease with Cello Bordello

Photography credits as watermarked by David Gatt, Raw Bones and Greg Elkenhans