Miss Show N Shine Pinup Pageant 2016


During one of my very regular visits to Lincraft, I was bewitched by this fabric:


I HAD to have it!  And I justified it’s purchase by making it more selfless and promising to make a skirt for my little Frozen-loving 6yo cousin (we are besties because we share so many mutual interests – Disney movies, stuffed animals, reading Madeline before bed, eating pasta…)

But the scope for this project increased when Vivien Victory drew my attention to the Miss Show n Shine Pageant, the theme of which was “A Pinup Does Christmas”!


After a little bit of scribbling in my notebook and a few hours at my sewing machine, I had myself my very own, light-up Frozen princess dress!

Light-up pin-up dress modelled by my Stephan Ikea chair

Before the big day, I had a little practice posing in the dress at the Bombshells Pinup Perfection workshop, being made to feel like a superstar by KTB.


At the last minute, I decided that I needed a parasol, so I covered a paper one with some leftover dance satin and cut out a giant snowflake from blue chiffon, to great effect!


And finally, Christmas morning arrived, well the morning of Miss Show N Shine anyway!

Here I am, strutting my stuff at my very first pinup parade, with voiceover by the super-sweet organiser Diamond Dubbellyou!


And here are some more photos of the day!


I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and lovelier co-competitors for my first public appearance as Ruby!  I can’t wait til next year!



Featured image photography by KTB

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